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Visa Support (important note)

Though there is a degree of confusion from internet sources on visa procedures in Central Asia, as of now Visa Support is not required strictly speaking for tourists trips to Central Asia by citizens of western countries. See the Kyrgyzstan Visa Country Lists. Visa officers in these countries are generally entitled to issue tourist visas. This is especially applicable to citizens of the western country where the concerned embassy is located. Moreover, citizens of most European countries, North American countries, Australasian countries, former Soviet countries, and Japan either do not require visas or do not require visa invitations even for visa applications made in other countries. Citizens of other countries may require visa support. In March 2012, Kyrgyzstan government has put a one month moratorium on issue of visa invitations.


Kyrgyzstan Visa Support, who may issue

Only Tourism company registered under the Kyrgyz Ministry of Justice, affiliated by the Consular Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan may issue tourist visa support after due permission from the Department of Consular Affairs in Bishkek.

Uzbekistan Kazakhstan visa support / visa invitation

Visitors to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan no longer require a letter of invitation from a tourist agency in Central Asia. We do not issue invitations for any of the three countries including Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, but several local companies registered in these countries might be able to help you for a fee if you are told to do so by the consulate or embassy of your choice. The following is the format for sending this information -

1. Full name
2. Sex
3. Date and place of birth
4. Citizenship
5. Nationality
6. Passport number
7. Date of issue
8. Date of expire
9. Your profession
10. Your address & Your work address
11. City where you want to apply for the visa
12. The visa dates (maximum 30 days)
From - to (please indicate exact dates for each country)
13. Flight details
14. Your approximate program for each country
15. Fax (incl. country code) to send copy of visa invitation
16. E-mail address

If a company invites tourists, then it is obliged to get them registered at the local OVIR office upon their arrival in Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan, if it is required for those particular tourists to do so. This procedure, however, is not required for most tourists with a few exceptions. You can also get the facility of visa issuance upon arrival at Almaty if you belong to a western country.

a panoramic view of lake issyk-kul

           Kyrgyzstan Investment Visa

This visa is available to those who invest more than 250,000 USD in the Kyrgyz economy for business purposes in one year through the Secretariat for Foreign Investment.


Business Visa

This visa is available to genuine businessmen who meet certain conditions laid down my the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic


Work Permit Visa

This visa is available to employees of Kyrgyzstan organisations, subject to certain conditions being met.


Transit Visa

This visa is required by all citizens of all countries except CIS countries for transiting the Kyrgyz Republic for a period less than 72 hours.


 Student Visa

This visa is available to students of Universities of the Kyrgyz Republic

Kyrgyzstan visa support / visa invitation

Visitors to Kyrgyzstan from western countries do not need generally to get a visa invitation from a tour company there. They can, however, get invitations if required by the local consulate or embassy to do so, from a company registered in Kyrgyzstan. Certain details are needed for issuing this document. For Kyrgyzstan these details are as follows -

1) Name of person (please indicate family name and your name)
2) Passport details
3) Nationality 4) Occupation 5) Home Address 6) Flight details
7) Intended dates of tour
8) Fax (incl. country code) to send copy of visa invitation
9) E-mail address
10) City where the embassy is located where you want to apply for the visa

Any company that invites tourists is obliged to get them registered at the OVIR office upon arrival in Bishkek, if they are required to do so. However, this is a requirement for visitors from very few countries. You can also get visa issuance upon arrival in Manas airport if you belong to a western country.

a city park in Kyrgyzstan

Transport & Airport Transfers in Kyrgyzstan & Central Asia

We can arrange all sorts of transport on your visit to Kyrgyzstan. We can also arrange transport for you in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan if a portion of your trip is in Kyrgyzstan. We can arrange for you cars, vans of various sizes, buses, limousines, helicopter, and of course we can get air tickets for you.

We are also happy to arrange an airport transfer in a car or a bus (depending upon your group size) from international airports to the city in Bishkek, Almaty or Tashkent.

           Other Services

Guides Guides to all travel destinations in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan & Kazakhstan.

Interpreters Interpreters and translators for English, German, Turkish, French, Japanese and other languages.

Tourist information Free information to tourists in Kyrgyzstan and other countries of Central Asia. This includes souvenirs, maps, information brochures & guidebooks etc.

Free reconfirmation and revalidation of air tickets

Meet and greet We can meet and greet you when you arrive at Manas airport or at Bishkek or at any place in Kyrgyzstan. We can also arrange for you to be met and greeted upon your arrival in Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan. You can also avail our services to get VIP arrival / departure arrangements in Bishkek, Almaty and Tashkent airports, or to get executive club facilities at transfer points.

Housekeeping For your apartment, if you require

Body guards Which is not needed at all here in Kyrgyzstan or the parts of Central Asia which we serve, but if you feel that you should require one, we can provide you with it

Communication etc. This includes E-mail, internet, fax, and courier service

Kyrgyzstan embassies for Visa in various countries

Visa office, Naglergasse 25/5, 1010 Wien, 535 03 78

Visa office, 220 002, Minsk, Starovilenskaya, 57, 234 16 02

Visa office, 1050, Bruxelles, 47, rue de l` Abbaye, 640 38 83

Visa office, 2-4-1, Tayuan Diplomatic Office Building Beijing, 100 600, 6532 64 58

Visa office, Otto-Suhr-Allee 146, 10585 Berlin, 34781338
Consulate in Frankfurt - Grosse Eschenheimer st. 43, 069/95403926

Visa office, C-93, Anand Niketan New Delhi, 410 8008

PO code: 195 793 5611, Visa office, bldg. 12, 5th Naranjestan Alley, Pasdaran street, Teheran, 283 03 54

Astana, Karaotkel district, 2/1, 22 11 16
Consulate in Almaty
Almaty, Amangeldy st. 68 a, 63 25 65

Visa office, 550 00, #1, Lorong Damai Sepuluh, Kuala Lumpur, 21649862

Russian Federation
109017, Moskow, Bolshaya Ordynka Street, 64, 237 44 81

Visa office, Chemin de la Voie-Creuse, 16, 1202 Geneva, 734 09 00

Dushanbe, 3 proezd Chehova, 41, 27 20 08

Ashgabat, Kerogly st. 14, 39 20 64

Boyabat Sokak, GOP, Ankara, 11, 446 76 09
Consulate in Istambul
Lamartin caddesi, #7, Taksim, Istanbul , 235 37 37

252 901, Kiev, Artema Street, 51/50, 219 13 97

Consulate in United Arab Emirates
Dubai, Abu Hail, 122-105 Abu Baker Al Siddique Road, Villa 3-(V003), 2733305

United Kingdom
Ascot House, 119, Crawford st. London W1H 1 AF, 935 14 62

1732, Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Washington D.C., 20 007, 338 51 41
Consulate in New-York
866, UN Plaza, Suite 514, New-York, NY 100 17, tel. 319 28 36

700 000, Tashkent, Samatovoi st., 30, 137 47 94

Russian Visa for Indian Citizens

Here is an article about Russia's Visa Policy for Indian Citizens


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