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           A historic plaza in Central Asia

Ski tours

           Tours in Kyrgyzstan and Bishkek

We have got various tour packages of various prices and various lengths (number of days) for all tourists and travellers to Kyrgyzstan. We have weekend packages in and around a major town such as Bishkek or Osh for those who have less time. There are also tours which go through more than just Kyrgyzstan, that is, these tours go to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan or China or a combination of these countries. We have trekking and hiking packages for those interested in adventure tours. We also offer cycling, motorcycling and motor tours. There are also visits to Issyk-Kul or Son-Kul lakes. You can also go to the edge of Central Asia, to Torugart Pass on the border with China, or to Karakol, paradise on the shores of the Issyk-Kul. Our translators and guides will look after you and will take care of all your requirements.

Leisure tours
If you come here to relax completely, then our leisure tours are for you. You have a choice from skiing, visiting historic sites, going swimming, visiting our local casinos, discos and clubs, to just lazing in the sun at a beach on one of our mountain lakes. You can also visit our local concerts and operas to soak in the culture, or you can visit amusement parks, theatres or nature reserves. We can also take you on a mountain safari if you so wish. These and many other options constitute our leisure tours in Kyrgyzstan. Do write to us if you wish to have the relaxed holiday of your life, far away from all the noise and madness of western (or eastern) cities.

A stream in a natural setting in Kyrgyzstan

City and Weekend tours in and around Bishkek and Osh
These tours have a usual duration of one or two days, but they can also be as long as seven days. They are available on all days of the week, not just on saturday and sunday. You can choose from various attractions from a list of attractions of the city that we present to you. You can also suggest your own changes to any tour. We wish to make sure that you enjoy your holiday, and we go out of our way to make your tour perfect.

Mountain tours
Bring your boots! There are many levels of mountain tours for people with different fitness levels. We can arrange for you to attempt a climb on some of the highest peaks in the world like Peak Pobedy (7439 metres /24405 feet) and Khan Tengry (6995 metres / 22949 metres), which are two of the highest mountains in the world. We can also take you on visits to many many mountains which are higher than 5000 metres. There are also many waterfalls, gorges, caves (cave adventures are a big sport in Kyrgyzstan), fantastic mountain views, valleys, mountain passes, thermal springs, rivers, and many many more mountain attractions in Kyrgyzstan for all sorts of people from average people to professional mountaineers. There are also skiing tours for all levels from beginner to professional, this includes heli-skiing also.

Adventure tours and Eco tourism
Bring your sleeping bag! We have various types of adventure tours. Most of the mountain tours mentioned above can be classified as adventure tours. In addition we have cycling tours, motorcycling tours, trekking and hiking, and tours to rural and forest areas for a taste of the ethnic or a taste of the wild. We can also take you to visit all the nature that you could wish to see. Be amazed by the stupendous gift of God to mankind that Kyrgyzstan is !

International tours
We can combine any of the previous tours with a visit to other places in Central Asia, namely Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan or both. We can also send you to China if you so desire. There are many fantastic places in Kyrgyzstan itself, but if you wish you can visit other parts of Central Asia too!

Trekking in Kyrgyzstan

Trekking is a popular activity in Kyrgyzstan. People come from all over the world to trek in Kyrgyzstan. You are welcome to come for a trekking tour in this country. We will be your hosts. You can see information about trekking in Kyrgyzstan on theses pages - Trekking in Kyrgyzstan - Kokshal-Too, Tengri-Tag, Meridionalniy and Sary Djaz Ranges and Trekking in Kyrgyzstan - Terskei Ala-Too and Kungei Ala-Too Ranges

           Tours in Uzbekistan and Tashkent

If you are planning one part of your tour to be in Kyrgyzstan, then we can arrange all types of tours for you in Uzbekistan and in Tashkent. We can take you to all the historic sites including Samarkand and Khiva, or take you on a bicycle tour on the Aral sea coast, or a little west of Uzbekistan on the Caspian sea coast. We can also take you to the Uzbek part of the Ferghana valley on an eco-tour. You can combine your Uzbekistan tour with a visit to Chymkent in Kazakhstan or to both Chymkent and Almaty.

windsurfing in leisure at a calm lake in Central Asia

Tours in Kazakhstan and Almaty

If you are planning one part of your tour to be in Kyrgyzstan, then we can make for you the tour of your life in Kazakhstan. You can visit Almaty and its urban attractions including all the culture that you can handle, or you can choose to go motorcycling in the wilderness. There can also be a visit to the space centre in Baikanour where you can watch a live rocket launch, or you can visit the southern parts of Siberia in the northern reaches of Kazakhstan. You can also combine all this with one of the longest train rides in the world.

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