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Kazakhstan, Paradise of Central Asia, Travel to the Space Age

Kazakhstan is the giant of Central Asia. It is a great and relatively unexplored travel destination. It contains within itself the Baikonour Cosmodrome, the place which hold the world record for the greatest number of rockets launched into space. The population is distributed in several concentrated areas of population from half a million to 3 million. There are several opportunities for tours to water bodies including the Caspian Sea and Lake Balkhash. What is true of Kyrgyzstan is true of Kazakhstan also, which is the fact that every visitor here is welcomed by an establishment that wants to encourage travel and the public which has only recently started seeing tourism at any scale. You can also see a Kazakhstan map on Map of Kazakhstan.


Map of Kazakhstan, the paradise of Central Asia

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MAIN ATTRACTIONS Kazakhstan presents the visitor with about 8-10 separate good quality tourist destinations. These include the capital Astana, The Aral Sea on the border with Uzbekistan, The Caspian Sea, Baikonour Cosmodrome (which is under lease to Russia for twenty years). In the north are Aktobe, Kostanay, Ust-Kamengorsk, Pavlodar, Karaganda and Petropavlovsk on the Trans-Siberian railway. In the south are Lake Balkhash, Shymkent, Kyzyl-Orda, Taraz, and the mountains of the Tien-Shan. Also in the south is the biggest tourist attraction of this country, the former capital Almaty, which is a city of more than one million people built within the mountains, and the second largest city in central Asia. We can take you there if you wish to travel to it, and also arrange accommodation for you.

THE SEASONS In summer and spring, the whole country turns green and begins to look like a nature-lover's paradise. The cities with their broad green avenues look wonderful. It is also a time to visit the various beaches on the dozens of big and small water bodies all over Kazakhstan (and Kyrgyzstan). Trekkers can go trekking in the various mountains, especially the Tien-Shan. Cycling and motorcycle travel are other common forms of fun and adventure.

In winter, the towns and the countryside takes on a totally fairy-tale like appearance. We have several tours where tourists can go for skiing, snowboarding, and a variety of winter sports. The cities are also wonderful places to be in, and it is a joy to breathe in the cool winter air and to see the sky at night, which is full of stars. There are double new year and christmas celebrations (western and orthodox) that go on for more than a month. For our Kazakhstan tour packages or for help with visa, flights, transport and accommodation in Kazakhstan, email us on


Almaty Almaty is a city of broad tree-lined avenues, clean air, and beautiful buildings. There are plenty of opportunities for viewing, tours, lounging around/people watching, and other activities. There are several plazas, parks, water bodies, and public places where visitors can go and indulge in people-watching, have a lazy drink, look at the cityscape, enjoy boating or swimming, and indulge in other leisure activities There are also several shopping plazas for the shopper. It has a wide variety of restaurants for different kinds of eating experiences. This is a great aspect of travel here.

Entertainment Bars are aplenty, and offer a wide range of drinks and prices. The bars are usually open till late at night. Restaurants usually close around midnight. Social drinking is a very common thing in countries of the former Soviet Union. the locals do not get drunk easily. There are also many discos and night clubs for the young and not young. There are Casinos of various cost-levels are available for gamblers. They range from the five-star types to some that are more modest in scale. For our Kazakhstan tour packages or help with visa, flights, transport and accommodation, email us on


There are circuses, cinemas, and zoos also in Almaty. Tours can also include operas and concerts which are being performed. Tourists love the amusement parks of Almaty.

Cities in Kazakhstan Like most of Central Asia including Kyrgyzstan, the towns here are quite clean and are of the modern style, with many buildings which are of classical style. Architecture is influenced strongly by ancient central Asian tradition as well as Russian styles. The public spaces of Almaty, Astana, Pavlodar, and other cities are very clean, and grand enough without being overpowering. Almaty has some very grand spaces and buildings. It also has many extravagantly designed monuments. It is a great example of city architecture. There are many powerful sculptures in the many many parks and plazas.

Countryside in Kazakhtan There are large areas of grasslands, and is responsible for the grassland image of Central Asia. The summer landscapes are green and empty for long distances except near the about twenty population centres. The snowy landscapes are completely white and remind the viewers of the movie Dr. Zhivago. There are mountains in the south, and skiing is a popular pastime, though not as much as in Kyrgyzstan. For our Kazakhstan tour packages or for help with visa, flights, transport and accommodation, email us on


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