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Eco tourism is a recent trend in global tourism, and Central Asia is a very appropriate place to practice this type of tourism. We are happy to be one of the first companies who specialise in travel to Kyrgyzstan & Central Asia to use this as a guiding principle for our activities. We are committed to maintaining the pristine environment that Central Asia has been blessed with. Our commitment to the environment extends to trying that our customers do not cause any damage to the local environment while they are here. They are expected by us to not destroy any vegetation, to respect the local traditions and culture when they go to the countryside and to rural areas (and even in urban areas!). We expect them to take back with them any junk that they brought on their travel to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan. We also expect them to not damage any buildings or to disturb the peace by any rowdy acts. Apart from all this, we are very happy if any tourist takes his own initiative to help in the conservation of the environment.

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a city park in Kyrgyzstan


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