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           Accommodation / Hotels in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan

We can arrange all types of accommodation in Bishkek and other parts of Kyrgyzstan for you. This includes all prices and types from apartments to five star hotels to camping outdoors to homestays.

The Hyatt hotel is a premium hotel in Bishkek and in Kyrgyzstan

Hotels in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan
There are several good hotels in Kyrgyzstan from the international five star Hyatt to several four star options including the Pinara and the Silk Road Lodge. There is also Issyk-kul hotel, Hotel Dostuk, the International, the Kyrgyz Altyn, and many more in various parts of Kyrgyzstan. There are several Bed & Breakfast options too. Hotel prices range from around 35-40 dollars a day upwards.

You can do a homestay with a local Kyrgyz or Russian family for an authentic experience of local culture. You can also do a homestay in rural areas in a house or in a Kyrgyz tent called a Yurt or Yurta.

Apartments and Houses
Apartments in Bishkek. We have apartments for rent in all of Kyrgyzstan including Bishkek, available for very reasonable rates. The rates vary depending upon various factors such as the size and quality of flat, the quality of services required, location etc. Do write to us for our range of apartments. Our typical apartment in Bishkek is fully furnished, clean, and ready to move in. We also have all housekeeping and maintenance staff to keep the apartments clean and everything in the apartments in running order. This makes apartments a good accommodation option too.

A picturesque lodge

Camping and Yurts
For the rural or ethnic Kyrgyz experience, you can stay in a Yurt or Yurta in a place near a city or away from a city. We can arrange this for you. We can also give you camping equipment on hire, and also provide you with assistance in preparing a camp with our reliable team of experts.

           Accommodation / Hotels in Tashkent Uzbekistan

Just like Kyrgyzstan, we can arrange all sorts of accommodation for you in Tashkent and the rest of Uzbekistan, including five star hotels like the Hyatt, Holiday Inn, Taj and others. We also have apartments in Tashkent, and we also have available hotels and inns of lesser prices. We can also arrange an apartment for you or a camping site (with or without camping equipment and camping assistance) for your party.

We have all types and prices of accommodation available

Accommodation / Hotels in Almaty Kazakhstan

We can arrange all types of excellent accommodation for you in Almaty and the rest of Kazakhstan, including five star hotels like the Hyatt, Holiday Inn and others. We also have available bed & breakfast, hotels and inns of lesser prices. We can also arrange an apartment in Almaty or other Kazakhstan towns, a house for you or a camping site (with or without camping equipment and camping assistance) for your party.

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